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Alcoholic Fermentation Process

Alcohol producing process (Alcoholic fermentation process)

(1) Starch milk adjustment: Starch milk coming from starch plant is mixed with water to reach above condition for next section.

(2) Liquefaction: Starch milk is sent to pre-liquefaction tank then adding liquefiing enzyme liquefied by jet cooker, after that it is sent to liquefaction tank to be fully liquefied.

(3) Saccharification: The liquefied material after cooled is sent to saccharification tank for reaction. After being kept in holding tube the required DE value will be reached. Then cooled, it is sent to the fermentation tank.

(4) Fermentation: In the fermentation stage, the saccharification liquid will be fermented with yeast added, then the alcohol will be produced. The process contain yeast breed, alcohol ferment, and so on. After that, the fermentation liquor should be cooled by heat exchanger, and then sent to the distillation stage.

(5) Distillation: From the mature fermentation liquor, it will get alcohol by separation, concentration, which contains alcohol separation, impurity separation, alcohol concentration and impurity extraction.

(6) Vinasse recovery:  After horizontal decanter, the wet mesh will get from the waste liquid. And the liquid will send to the evaporator to be concentrated, then send to the wet mesh tank.

(7) The vinasse will be send to DDGS plant. After dewatering and drying, DDGS will be got.

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