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Last update 2020-09-23

Fermentation Producing Process

Nowadays, fermentation is widely applied in industry of pharmaceutical, food, energy, chemical, agriculture and environmental protection. The biggest difference between fermentation and other chemical industries is that it is a chemical reaction carried by organism.Generally, the fermentation process is biochemical reaction that proceed at normal temperatures and pressures, with safe reaction and simple condition requirements.

The raw materials used in fermentation are more extensive, usually based on starch, molasses and other agricultural products, and the reaction can be proceed when just add a small amout of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources. Because of the different categories, the microorganism can be selectively taken advantage of required nutrition. Based on this feature, it can make use of wastewater and waste materials as raw materials for the fermentation to renovate and renew of biological resources.

The fermentation process is performed by the automatic adjustment of the organism, so the reaction specificity is strong and can get more single-metabolites; and it can proceed highly selective chemical conversion reactions to the certain parts of complex compounds, such as oxidation, reduction, etc. and also can produce some more complex polymer compounds.

The microbial strain is the basic factor of fermentation, through strain mutation and selection, it can get high yield excellent strain and make full use of the production equipment, also can get some products that difficult to produce by conventional methods.

Compared with other industry, the fermentation can achieve significant economic benefits with less investment and quick effect.

Compared with the traditional fermentation, the modern fermentation engineering has its superiority beside the above characteristics.

Except the microbes,we can also utilize “engineering bacteria” to react with aid of cells and enzymes of animal and plant. The equipments are not only the conventional fermentation tank but also a variety of bioreacter with high continuous and automatic level, sothat the fermentation process get improvement and innovation.

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