Corn Single Tank Continuous Steeping Process

Post on 2022-07-14



MK single-tank continuous steeping process is developed from the countercurrent multi-tank steeping process. Combined multiple steeping tanks into one according to actual production needs to reduce equipment, labor and land construction costs, thereby reducing production costsand enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

Process characteristics

1. Single-tank steeping: dry corn is continuously added from the top of the steeping tank and continuously discharged from the bottom.

2. The steeping liquid with higher concentration is continuously added from the bottom of the single tank, then contacted with the corn to be discharged for steeping and be discharged from the top to the buffer tank continuously, and be recycled.

3.The lower concentration steeping liquid is added from the bottom of the single tank,then in contact with the moving corn for a longer steeping. The steeping liquid is continuously discharged from top of the tank and goes to the corn milk preparation process.

The process of steeping in the deep processing of corn, specific steps are as follows

Step 1: Feed:

A: Put dry corn kernels into the conveying tank and mix them with water through the conveying pump from the tank top intothe steeping tank; 

B. Concentrated sulfurous acid is fed to the second liquid inlet pipe after passing through the first heat exchanger. The liquid flow is from bottom to top, forming convection with the flow of corn kernels;

C. Dilute sulfurous acid is also fed to the first liquid inlet pipe after passing through the second heat exchanger,and mixed with concentrated sulfurous acid; 

Step 2: discharging: 

The wet corn after steeping is discharged from the bottom of the corn steeping tank. At this time, the material contains two forms: solid and liquid. The material goes through the wet corn buffer tank firstly, and then is transported to the Gravity Arc Screen for separation. The separated solid is sent to the degerminator in the next section. After the separated liquid passes through the flushing tank, part of it goes to the wetcorn buffer tank to help convey the wet corn, and the other part goes back to the concentrated sulfurous acid tank for reuse. 

Step 3: Steeping process parameters: 

Steeping: Using 0.15 ~ 0.20% sulfite sulfurous acid solution at 50 ~ 52℃, steeping corn by countercurrent steeping method, thus destroying the protein of corn kernels, releasing the wrapped starch particles and improving the yield of starch extraction. At the same time, most of the soluble substances in corn can be dissolved to soften corn and reduce the mechanical strength of corn machine.


1. Capacity can be up to 350TPD for each Single-Tank 

2. Land saving 

3. Low equipment investment 

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

5. Automatic control to reduce labor costs 

6. The steeping liquid canbe recycled many times to reduce environmental pollution