Disc Separator

Last update 2022-05-27


Application Scope

MKDS series Disc separator is mainly applied for purifying starch, previous concentrating, separating protein, and recovering starch production line.

Working Principle

The materials are transmitted to the heart parts of this machine, the inside of the drum. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the materials (mixed liquid) pass through the intervals of a group of disk pieces bundles, and then, regarding the neutral hole of the disk pieces as the interface, the liquid with higher density (heavy phase) moves outward the neutral hole along the disk pieces, among which, the heavy residues accumulate in the sediment area, and the heavy phase flows to the large centripetal pump. The liquid with lower density (light phase) moves inward and upward along the disk pieces wall and gathers in the small centripetal pump. The heavy phase and light phase output by the large centripetal pump and small centripetal pump respectively.

Working Schematic

Features of product

1. Big drum diameter and large area of disc ensure the excellent effect of separation and concentration.
2. Top-suspension driving can be applied, which stabilizes the separator rotation and extremely improves the life span of bearings and main shaft.
3. Automatic control on lubricating system is applied, which assures and prolongs lifetime of driving system.
4. Big nozzle is applied, which increases the feeding capability, reduces the chances of block and assures the continuous production.
5. Lifting drum is fitted with the hydraulic system, which is convenient for drum inspection and nozzle replacement.
6. The material of drum adopts special high-strength corrosion-proof stainless steel which assures the safety and stability of separator.
7. This machine can treat the materials with various concentrations without internal adjustment.
8. It is equipped with inner circulation system which keeps separation stability and improves adjustment as well as control accuracy.

Main technical specification

ModelCapacity(m³/h)Motor power(kW)Drum rotating speed(rpm)Nozzle qty.Outline dimension(mm)Weight(Kg)