Chromatography Separation Process

Post on 2022-07-14



Chromatographic separation technology is currently the world's leading sequential simulated moving bed chromatographic separation process. The principle of this process is Ion Exchange Chromatography, with low investment, high separation efficiency, easy control and simple operation. 

In a homogeneous mixture, no matter how many components it contains, it can be divided into two groups according to the peak speed in the chromatographic resin: fast component group and slow component group. The chromatographic separation mode in which the homogeneous mixture is chromatographed into two components is the two-component separation mode. The two-component separation mode is relatively simple, and is suitable for purification and separation of materials with the fastest or slowest peaks of the target components. If the fructose in the glucose syrup has the slowest peak, the oligosaccharides in the various oligosaccharide liquids have the fastest peaks, which are suitable for the separation of the two components.The two-component separation mode is widely used in most ofthe starch sugar industry.

Continuous chromatographic separation technology are based on the fact that different substances have different partition coefficients in a system composed of stationary and mobile phases, and present different retention times during the elution process using the mobile phase, thus achieving separation. After analyzing and improving it, we made the resin ofthe stationary phase into a system that can flow continuously, and separated byusing the relative motion speed of the substance and the stationary phase.

Classified according to the number of columns

1.1. Six-Column mode

There are six columns and 6 set of circulating pumps in the six-column mode, due to the long total length of the columns, the separation stroke is long, and the separated components can be fully separated,so this mode is suitable for the separation of materials with greater separation difficulties or higher separation purity requirements. This mode is used in the vast majority of chromatographic separation projects 

1.2. Six-column four-column mixing mode 

This mode also has six chromatography column, six circulating pumps, but at the No. 4 chromatography outlet there is acirculation line interface and control valve for a cycle back to the No. 1 column, and the No. 1 to No. 4 chromatography phase is connected inseries to form a 4-column mode. In this mode, there are 2 sets of control software in the control computer of six columns and four columns, corresponding to the six-column and four-column modes in actual use. In the peak season of production, the 6-column mode is used to increase production capacity, and the4-column mode is used in the off-season to save energy and reduce consumption.

Advantages of Meckey Chromatographic technique

2.1. Advanced Process The sequential Simulating Moving Bed (SSMB) greatly improves system efficiency and system’ performance and economy have greater advantages than traditional processes-Simulating Moving Bed (SMB). 

2.2. According to the process requirements and column specifications, the independent and scientific design of the distributor mode, tominimize the back-mixing of the liquid in the system to improve the separation efficiency of the system. 

2.3. Practical training of talents and professionalization of talents

In terms oft alent training, Beijing Meckey Engineering Co., Ltd. adheres to on-demand training, implements professional allocation in staffing, and ensures thetechnological innovation ability and full-time business quality of professionals; 

2.4. Full technical tracking, 7×24×365 technical service

Meckey has implemented a full-service technology tracking service. Regular consultation on customer operation, practical problems on-site solving and achieve high efficiency in appeal response; 

2.5. Advanced design concept, stable system operation

The overall design adheres to the principle of combining practicality with practice. The system design coordinating various factors, making the equipment performance efficient, stable and long service life. Control parameter design is user-friendly making control convenient and prompt adjustment; 

2.6. Many engineering projects and sound engineering experience

Meckey’schromatography projects are all over the world and Meckey has rich industrial practical experience providing support for the continuous innovation of chromatographic technology systems. 

2.7. Low investment and high quality with cost-effective advantage

The price of the Meckey-chromatography system device is lower than the foreign ones by more than 25% based on that ensuring the purity, yield, water consumption and other technical indicators are not lower than the foreign similar equipment at the same scale, same configuration of the chromatographic system device. 

2.8. Solid technical foundation and rich technical experience

The company has a complete research and development platform and sufficient processing service capabilities that can provide turnkey projects and a seriesof technical services, and can carry out technical cooperation with customers in the whole industry chain. With years of research and development and continuous innovation, Meckey chromatography technology is comprehensive and complete,ensuring the chromatographic technology and equipment requirements be satisfied by various customers.


Chromatographic separation equipment can be used in starch sugar and fermentation industry:glucose, Maltose, Crystalline glucose, Fructose, Crystalline fructose, F42, F55, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Maltitol,Citric acid, L-lysine, Lactic acid and other industries