Wheat Vital Gluten Dryer

Last update 2022-07-05



The gluten dryer is widely used to dry the wet gluten into gluten powder. Firstly, the wet gluten is squeezed in to the dryer and then smashed and lifted in to the column evenly by winnowing feeder.  The wet gluten mixes with hot air, moisture inside the gluten becomes steam quickly. Then the gluten is separated into two parts by the volute separator: big granule go back to the winnowing feeder mixes with wet gluten, small granule enters the pulse unit and finally packaged in bags.


Vital gluten dryer2.jpg

Main Technical Specification

Model MKGD240 MKGD360 MKGD600 MKGD720 MKGD1200
Moisture of gluten(%) ≤73 ≤73 ≤73 ≤73 ≤73
Moisture of product(%) 5-8 5-8 5-8 5-8 5-8
Capacity(kg/h) 150-240 240-360 360-600 600-720 720-1200
Power(kW) 220 325 450 600 1250
Material SS304+CS SS304+CS SS304+CS SS304+CS SS304+CS

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