Super Mill

Last update 2022-07-06



MKSM super mill is widely applied in the fields of chemical industry, minerals, metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, refractory materials, pesticides, food, new materials and other industries. Ultra fine crushed product particle mech 50-1000, capacity 10-10000kg/h. 


This machine is a horizontal shaft reflecting crusher, which can complete two processing procedures of both micro crushing and particle separation at the same time. The rotor with special shape rotates at high speed and is subjected to extrusion, collision and shearing for many times. So as to achieve crushing. The material is transported to the crushing chamber by the quantitative feeding system, and then material is crushed. The impact and shear are received between the high-speed rotating rotor and the stator. The crushed materials are driven by the air flow to enter the classification area, and the qualified materials pass through the rotary table. The unqualified materials are returned to the crushing area for crushing. 

Main Technica Specification

Model Input product fineness/mm  Output product fineness /um  Capacity t/h Power
MKSM-60 <15 4-180 0.1-2 22-45
MKSM-80 <15 4-180 0.3-3 45-55
MKSM-100 <15 4-180 0.5-5 55-75
MKSM-120 <15 4-180 0.8-8 75-132
MKSM-140 <15 4-180 1.2-12 132-160

Equipment Picture