Last update 2021-09-27


MKSQ series Squeezer is applied for dewatering the fiber and germ in corn starch plant, dewatering the vital gluten in wheat gluten plant.


The squeezer equipment can effectively dewater the hydrous rough fiber and germ which are separated during corn starch production. It is necessary equipment for further processing of fiber dreg and germ into feedstuff.

Remained starch water after squeezing is reused by the previous stage, which reduces the washing loss and increases the starch recovery.

Moreover, it could improve the producing conditions and the economic benefit of by-product.

This equipment is compact in structure and stable in operation. Outer of helical blade on main machine is cone-shaped. Compression is produced vertically and horizontally by blade, which conveys the materials for compression. Water is discharged from the leaking shell built-in sieve plate.

Dewatered materials are discharged from outlet. Inlet and leaking shell is equipped with water receiving bucket and discharging pipe, which is convenient for recycling and washing.

Its structure is a conical shell with the built-in taper screw belt of varying screw pitch. The compression of material takes place due to two factors of screw pitch and height formed during the rotation. The dewatering material is ejected from the discharging end, the extruded water flows through the sieve pores in shell.


Characteristics of the equipment

1. High compression ratio
2. Good dewatering efficiency.
3. Low product moisture
4. Smooth running without vibration, continually manufacture.
5. It is suitable for the continuous production

Main technical specification

Input Moisture
Output MoistureFiber≤62%≤62%≤62%≤62%≤62%