Modified Starch

Last update 2022-05-27

Modified starch production process

Summary description of modified starch

1. Pregelatinized starch
Application:(1) Food IndustryPregelatinized starch can dissolve in cold water, widely used in kinds of convenience food and cakes.(2) Breeding industryMainly for feed adhesives, like eels feed can take about 20%-25%.(3) OthersIt can be used as pills adhesives, casting adhesives, textile sizing agent, etc.

2. Dextrin
Application:Mainly used for adhesives, the stability is yellow dextrin≥ the glue ≥ white dextrin

3. Acid-modified starch
Application:Mainly for textile sizing agent, paper making adhesives, making fudge, etc.

4. Oxidized starch
Application:It can be used as paper making sizing agent, textile sizing agent and food additives.

5. Cross-linked starch
Application:Food thickening agent(apply to canned food and frozen food),medical anti-sticking agent(surgical gloves lubrication), battery electrolyte thickening, also can react with other chemicals to make compound modified starch.

6. Hydroxyalkyl starch
Application:Mainly for textile and paper-making industry, or dextran in pharmaceutical industry

7. Cationic starch
Application:Cationic starch is good emulgator and flocculant, used in textile, paper-making and oil drilling industry, also in the industrial wastewater treatment.

8. Carboxymethyl starch (CMS)
Application:Carboxymethyl starch can be used as thickener, suspending agent, stabilizer and adhesive, etc. in food industry, also adhesives and disintegrants of the tablet in pharmaceutical Industry as well as cosmetic, textile and paper-making industry.

9. Esterified starch
Application:Acetic acid esterified starch can be used for the production of textile, paper-making and starch film; xanthate esterified starch can remove the heavy metal and pesticide embedding in waste water; phosphoric acid esterified starch can be used as emulgator, thickener and stabilizer in food industry, also be used in textile and paper-making industry.

10. Graft copolymer starch
Application:Mainly used as water absorbent, such as for paper face towel, diaper and toilet paper, etc, and agriculture, forestry, gardening, etc.