Evaporation Crystallizer

Post on 2022-07-14



The three-effect evaporation crystallizer ismainly composed of three groups of evaporators, condensers, solid-liquid separators and auxiliary equipment in series. Three groups of evaporators operate in series to form a three-effect evaporation crystallizer. The whole evaporation system adopts the production mode of continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The two effect falling film + one effect forced circulation evaporation process is adopted. The heat source of the first effectis saturated steam. The secondary steam generated after heating the material heats the second effect (part of which enters the heat pump and is reused to achieve the purpose of energy saving). The secondary steam generated by thesecond effect heats the third effect, and the secondary steam generated by the third effect enters the condenser. The forced circulation evaporator relies onthe forced circulation pump to circulate the liquid, which is especially suitable for evaporating crystalline or scabby materials, and can evaporate continuously or intermittently. The three-way evaporation crystallizer is usedto avoid scaling or crystallization caused by boiling products on the heating surface. Therefore, the flow speed in the pipe must be fast. When the circulating liquid flows through the heat exchanger, it is heated, and then part of the material liquid evaporates when the pressure in the separator decreases, so as to cool the liquid to the boiling point temperature under the corresponding pressure. Due to the circulating pump, the operation of the evaporator is basically independent of the temperature difference. The recycling speed of materials can be accurately adjusted, and the evaporation speed rate is set within a certain range. In crystallization application,crystals can be separated from circulating liquid by adjusting the circulating flow speed and adopting special separator design.

Equipment composition

The equipment is composed of various effect heaters, various effect evaporation separators, condensers (mixed or surface type), forced circulation pumps of various effects, various material and liquid transfer pumps, vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, operation platforms, electrical instrument control cabinets and pipeline valves within the boundary.

Main features

1. The characteristics of the materials processed by the equipment are applicable to a wide range. It mainly focuses on the materials that are easy to scale in the evaporation process, the materials with crystal precipitation in the evaporation process, the materials with corresponding increase in viscosity with the increase of concentration, the materials with insoluble solids, etc;  

2. In the evaporation process, the material is heated through forced circulation, which has the advantages of fast flow speed, uniform heating, high heat transfer coefficient and prevention of dry wall phenomenon. 

3. The feed liquid is quickly heated by the heater through theforced circulation pump, and directly tangent out of the top into the evaporation separator. The vapor-liquid separation effect is good. 

4. The materials are concentrated by low-temperature evaporation by vacuum and With continuous feeding and discharging, the heating and evaporation time is short.

5. The equipment has compact structure,small footprint, smooth layout, convenient operation and stable performance.  

6. The equipment can be equipped with automatic system to realize automatic control of feed volume, automatic control of  heating temperature and discharge concentration. It can also be equipped with protective measures for sensitive materials in case of sudden power failure and failure, and be equiped with other automatic operation and control such as safety and alarm.


Three effect evaporation crystallizer is suitable for evaporation and concentration in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid evaporation and recovery industries with scaling, crystallinity, heat sensitivity(low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and insoluble solids.