Rice Glucose

Last update 2022-05-27

Rice glucose processing plant

Rice glucose processing plant

Rice glucose process description

(1) Rice steeping and milling: Unload broken rice to ricesteeping tank, feed water to steeping tank from bottom for rice washing and softening. Steeped rice is sent to milling machine to make rice slurry, then rice slurry be sent to rice slurry tank. The PH of rice slurry is adjust to a proper value, DS value of rice slurry is adjusted to 28-32%,then rice slurry is sent to the next section.

(2) Liquefaction: Rice slurry is sent to blending tank in where mixed with amylase, then pump to jet cooker and liquefaction column for starch liquefaction and protein flocculation.

(3) Rice protein filtration and drying: The liquefied liquor is sent to filter press for removing the protein , fiber, etc. Then using the process water wash the residue to recover glucose. After washing, the residue is sent to bundle dryer for drying.

(4) Saccharification : Sending the liquefied liquor to saccharification tanks with enzyme for reaction. After keeping a certain time reaction, the required DE value of the glucose is produced, then sending saccharifed liquor to enzyme killer to make enzyme inactive.

(5) Decolorization: Glucose is sent to delcolor tank and mixing with active carbon, maintain suitable temperature and duration to remove colored matter and other fine inpurities, finally send to filters to remove activated carbon and then send the filtrate to next section.

(6) Ion exchange: Inorganic and bad odor are removed by resin via ion exchangers then the high quality glucose well be got.

(7) Evaporation: The purified glucose is sent to safety filter to make sure no inpurity inside then sent to evaporator for concentrating .

Plant 3D drawing

Plant 3D drawing