Plate Type Evaporator

Last update 2022-05-27


Brief introduction

The MKPE series evaporation mode of plate falling film is multi-effect evaporation. The flowchart is reasonable, and the effection of energy conservation is remarkable. For five-effect evaporator, if 1kg water is evaporated, the steam consumption will be 0.17kg. If the device adds the TVR for the secondary steam, when the compression ratio is 1:1, the evaporation capacity will equal to adding effection of one effect. At this time, if 1kg water is evaporated, the steam consumption will be 0.15kg. If the device adds MVR for the secondary steam, the steam consumption will reach to zero.

Competitive advantages

It is high effective, closed, fast and low temperature evaporation. It is especially suitable for the concentration of food grade material which is high protein and strong thermosensitive. It can ensure that the color, flavor and taste of raw material will be remained after evaporation.  It is controlled by PLC adding touch panel and computer, which can reach to automatic operation. The operation of the device is flexable. The capacity of the device can be adjusted by adding or reducing the plate. It uses plate constructure, convenient installation and maintaining, small area, low height, and easy operation.

Main technical specification

Max evaporation(kg/h)3000600090001000012000150002000030000400005000060000
Steam pressure(MPa)0.6~1.0
Steam consumption(kg/h)900150020002300260033004200600080001000012000
Input DS(%)6~7(Steeping liquid); 26~30(Glucose syrup); 9~11.5(liquid milk)
Output DS(%)42~48(Steeping liquid); 70~75(Glucose syrup); 45(liquid milk)
Vacuum degree(MPa)1st effect0.01~0.03
2nd effect0.03~0.05
3rd effect0.05~0.07
4th effect0.07~0.09
Evaption temp(℃)
1st effect90~110
2nd effect75~85
3rd effect65~75
4th effect50~60