Germ Cyclone

Last update 2022-05-31



1. Corn starch industry
2. Feed stuff industry


MKGC series germ cyclone is mainly applied for germ separation in corn starch production. Based on the centrifugal force, after entering from the feed port along tangent, the heavy phase of the material is discharged from the bottom and light phase is discharged from the top to separate. It features in neat design, compact structure and high degermination efficiency. It is usually connected in series or parallel to meet the different procedures.

Main technical specification

型号Model MKGC-12.5 MKGC-15 MKGC-22.5
单管玉米进料能力Single-pipe corn input capacity(t/h) 1.5~2 2.5~3 8~10
进料压力Feeding pre.(MPa) 0.5~0.6 0.5~0.6 0.5~0.6
第一次分离后稀浆浓度DS after 1st separation(°Be) 6~8 6~8 6~8
第二次分离后稀浆浓度DS after 2nd separation(°Be) 7~8 7~8 7~8
外形尺寸Overall dimension(mm) [680+(n-1)×230]×555×1785 [720+(n-1)×255]×580×1890 [850+(n-1)×350]×680×2190