Gluten Ring Dryer

Post on 2022-07-14



The whole system of MK gluten ring dryer is drying by circular method which means the dry powder can be recycled and screened. The unqualified materials are recycled and dried. The system requires that the exhaust gas temperature should not exceed 55-65℃, and the drying temperature is 140-160 ℃.

Wheat gluten is widely used. It is not onlyan important basic raw material for bread, noodles, fish products, bean products, instant noodles and other foods, but also the basic raw material for high-grade aquatic feed. Wheat gluten is one of the main directions of wheat deep processing and has broad market prospects.

Working principle of gluten ring dryer

Gluten ring dryer adopts the working principle of circulating flash evaparating. The wet gluten is accelerated by the platelifter and continuously thrown into the dry air duct in a discrete state. It instantly exchanges heat with the high-speed upward hot air. The moisture in the wet gluten evaporates rapidly, and the heat exchange time is maintained with in 1.5s to minimize the denaturation degree of gluten. In the discrete wet gluten, there are a small number of wet gluten particles with large diameter,which is not enough to fully evaporate the moisture in the flash time of 1.5s, and the heat exchange must continue in the drying circuit. The equipment uses the physical characteristics of high density and large inertia of wet gluten particles, and is equipped with volute separator. In the high-speed annular airway, the centrifugal force generated by the material classifies the light phase and the heavy phase. The light phase is on the inside of the annular airway and the heavy phase is on the outside of the annular airway. In the volute separator, there is a tongue-shaped adjustable fish beam device which can be set up as needed to separate the light and heavy phase interfaces.

Main parts

1. Air filter

2. Air heater 

3. Inlet 

4. Annular drying tube 

5. Volute separator 

6. Plate lifter 

7. Bag filter 

8. Induced draft fan


1. Dry and wet materials are premixed and crushed by mixing machine to reduce the temperature of circulating dry materials and protect the active gluten of gluten. 

2. Semi-finished products are selected from fresh semi-finished products with short circulation time in the system to improve the activity and moisture of outgoing gluten. 

3. The semi-finished products shall be cooled and stored first, and then mixed with powder, screened and crushed to reduce the impact of the crushing process on the active reinforcement. 

4. Pulse dust removal has low wind speed, small ventilation resistance, stable operation and low power consumption. 

5. Special alloy steel shall be used for the shaft and plate of the elevator, and the rotor shall not be loose within three years.